24 & 25 February 2023

Executive Support LIVE Johannesburg

Join us for two days of unparalleled workshops, training, motivation and networking.

Don’t miss this opportunity to spend two days focusing on your career progression and development! Engage in meaningful conversations with colleagues and speakers, expanding your administrative resource network.

Learn to lead alongside your executive and your teams.  Come away with new, updated, and practical skills.

We know you will leave inspired to challenge your role, and excel your career as an Assistant.

See you in Johannesburg!

Meet Your Speakers -
Meet Your Speakers -
Meet Your Speakers -
Meet Your Speakers -
Meet Your Speakers -
Meet Your Speakers -

More information coming soon.

Why attend Executive Support LIVE?
  • I feel truly energised to provide an even higher level of service to my executives… I’ve started researching a topic that I would like to write an article on & have spoken to one of my execs about leading a project to unify the EAs across our company… to use Dinah’s phrase “I’ve removed the box.

    Colette Martin
  • I am reassured, rejuvenated, reminded and remotivated that I am in the right profession, a position that requires endless skill sets and constant demand…we do it all and with a smile. It takes a special person to do what we do everyday and we are phenomenal at it. It is a career that I love.

    Amber Manezes
  • I enjoyed each minute, I cannot say anything else. That is the truth.

    Cathy Van Mastrigt
  • I am in awe… so utterly fantastic to have been a part of it!!

    Alison Palm
  • I loved meeting a group of people who understand our role. We are unique and sometimes people do not understand what and why we go to the lengths we do. Those at the conference just get it.

    Carol Lloyd
  • I walked away with a spring in my step with renewed motivation and determination to be the best I can, using what I had learned over the course of the two days.

    Lorraine Tresnak
  • I was excited about how much I learned, not just in technology, but in other areas of the career as well. Plus it was very empowering and I feel more energized by my career than ever. I can’t wait to teach other admins in my office some of the things I learned, hopefully empowering them as well.

    Kayla Hutchens
The Venue -
The Venue -
The Venue -
The Venue -
The Venue -
The Venue -


Additional Networking Opportunities

More information coming soon.

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