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28 & 29 October 2022

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Executive Support LIVE Wellington

Join us for two days of unparalleled workshops, training, motivation and networking.

Don’t miss this opportunity to spend two days focusing on your career progression and development!

Learn to lead alongside your executive and your teams.

Come away with new, updated, and practical skills.

Celebrate with peers that think like you do and are striving to become exceptional.

LIVE is life-changing. The attendees tell us time and again that when they returned to their offices, they felt armed with a map and a compass that enabled them to step into being the assistant that they had always wanted to be.

We know you will leave inspired to challenge the boundaries of your current role, and excel for the rest of your career.

See you in Wellington!

 Recertification & Endorsements

Recertification & Endorsements

Executive Support LIVE is an IAAP and an ASAP approved programme and you can earn both IAAP and PACE recertification points by attending. Please contact us for details.

The event is also endorsed by the Institute of Administrative Management, one of the oldest management institutes in the world, having inspired professional business managers and administrators since 1915 and by International Management Assistants, a global association founded in 1974, currently represented in more than 30 countries

About The Event

  • What to look forward to!

    We never stop learning! You are most likely reading this because you are an aspiring support leader passionate about your administrative role, looking to make a meaningful contribution through your professional capacity. It is the highly anticipated annual gathering for professional assistants, presented in person. We bring like-minded peers together for two days of intense learning and networking, announcing emerging best practices and methodologies relevant to your role. Irrespective of where you are career-wise, LIVE is the annual conference you cannot afford to miss.

  • What you will receive

    LIVE will present you with the most pertinent opportunities currently available in the market, delivered by the world’s best trainers and thought-leaders over an intensive two days. LIVE will help you to evaluate what changes you can make and how you can make a difference within your role and your organisation. You will leave LIVE with a revived purpose; equipped with the mindset, methodology and tools to gain the responsibility, progression and recognition you desire. You’ll enjoy energised networking and camaraderie as part of the overall experience too.

  • Our pledge to you

    We want to help you to become the best version of yourself that you can be; that is our number one objective for doing what we do, and how LIVE began 8 years ago. We have helped thousands of Assistants grow and excel in their careers, and have been backed by Executives, CEOs and VPs from an array of companies, industries and sectors who now understand and respect the value and input a modern-day Assistant provides. Ultimately we will ensure that you learn, thrive and excel in your career.

  • Become part of the change

    LIVE doesn’t bring you the run of the mill or the obvious. We continuously look for new ways to teach, enhance and future-proof your role. We have a growing global community of assistant professionals ranging from graduates to experienced thought-leaders, most of whom have attended LIVE at least once and continue to do so. In fact, 84% of our attendees, across the world, tell us that LIVE is one of the best conferences that they have ever attended. They continue to attend each year because of the impact it has instilled and the difference it has made.

What our attendees say:

“I am reassured, rejuvenated, reminded and remotivated that I am in the right profession, a position that requires endless skill sets and constant demand…we do it all and with a smile. It takes a special person to do what we do everyday and we are phenomenal at it. It is a career that I love.”

Amber Manezes

“I walked away with a spring in my step with renewed motivation and determination to be the I can, using what I had learned over the course of two days.”

Lorraine Tresnak

“I feel truly energised to provide an even higher level of service to my executives… I’ve started researching a topic that I would like to write an article on & have spoken to one of my execs about leading a project to unify the EAs across our company… to use Dinah’s phrase “I’ve removed the box.”

Colette Martin

“I enjoyed each minute, I cannot say anything else. That is the truth.”

Cathy Van Mastrigt

“LIVE transforms careers and changes lives. Please don’t allow anything to stop you from being there if your gut says YES. Say Yes.”

Bonnie Low-Kramen

“I loved meeting a group of people who understand our role. We are unique and sometimes people do not understand what and why we go to the lengths we do. Those at the conference just get it.”

Carol Lloyd

“I know the phrase “Life Changing” is bandied about a LOT these days. But ES LIVE really REALLY is truly LIFE CHANGING. I can vouch for that. Just say yes!!”

Helen Rees

“LIVE was the awesome event that I’d been looking for but never found, until April 2016. It changed me, my mindset and connected me with professionals from all over the world. I’m so pleased to have the opportunity to attend.”

Melissa Francis

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What happens if I need to cancel?

We know that currently, the ability to attend in-person events is constantly changing. We want to make sure that you can book with confidence. So if you need to cancel your Full Access Place for any reason, we will give you three choices

1) You can transfer your place to one of our future LIVE events

2) You can attend our LIVESTREAM conference instead, and we will also allow you access to our Global and Tech online events later in the year.

3) You can transfer your place to someone else in your business.

Executive Support is committed to protecting all our delegates. Your health and safety at our event is our top priority. The Leonardo Hotel’s policy in regards to COVID-19 is here but in addition, we will be following the All Secure Standard 2.0 recommendations from the Events Industry Alliance, a copy of which can be found here. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any concerns or questions.